Women’s Health

Michelle is experienced in the treatment of health issues specifically related to women. You may see Michelle for treatment of incontinence and other pelvic floor issues, pre and post natal exercise prescription, post menopausal health and prevention of osteoporosis, and treatment of acute conditions such as mastitis.

Pelvic floor dysfunction

Real-time ultrasound imaging (RTUI) assists with the assessment of pelvic floor dysfunction and can be performed safely and non-invasively. (See RTUI information). Your breathing pattern will also need to be assessed as good diaphragmatic breathing is essential for ideal pelvic floor function. Using RTUI you will actually be able to see your pelvic floor muscles contracting, and learn how to perform the exercises correctly, for both contraction and relaxation of this muscle group.

Mastitis and/or blocked milk ducts

Therapeutic ultrasound can often unblock a clogged milk duct very quickly. If the ducts are not unblocked in a timely manner, true mastitis can result, with the client suffering a fever, rigors, and sharp pain in the breast. Mastitis can come on very quickly and is very uncomfortable, so it is best to seek medical and physiotherapy attention as soon as possible.

Pre and Post Natal Exercise Prescription

Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, so it is essential to exercise in a safe but effective manner to remain healthy and happy. As your body changes, weaknesses in your muscles or joints may become apparent that were not obvious before hand. Once your baby has arrived, it is time to ensure your pelvic floor is functioning well, and that your lower back is strong enough to allow you to carry your baby around. Your Physiotherapist can devise a pre and post natal exercise program that is right for you.


As women age they become very susceptible to developing osteoporosis, or loss of calcium in the bones. A regular weight bearing exercise regime can decrease your bone density loss. This might involve a walking program, or even lifting light weights at home. A balance program can also assist in the prevention of falls, a common cause of bone fractures in older women. Your Move Well Physiotherapist can advise you on exercise and lifestyle habits to keep you strong and healthy as you age.