Pre-Op and Post-Op Programs

If you’re booked for major surgery then your doctor may have recommended that you explore pre-op and post-op physiotherapy. That’s because these programs are designed to help you recover quickly and smoothly from your surgery. 

Our pre-op and post-op programs are suitable for people  experiencing, but not limited to, the following surgical procedures:

  • Full and partial joint replacements (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle).
  • Hip or knee arthroscopy.
  • Carpal tunnel release.
  • ACL reconstruction.
  • Rotator cuff repairs.
  • Spinal fusions, discectomy and decompression.
  • Ankle, knee or elbow reconstructions.
  • Repair of Achilles tendon.
  • Foot surgery.

What is pre-op physiotherapy?

Our pre-op program helps optimise the outcomes of your surgery. Whilst many people are familiar with the need for post-op physiotherapy, the importance of a similar program before surgery is often overlooked. However, when you consider that the months leading up to your surgery may have restricted your activities, the importance of a pre-op program becomes obvious. 

That’s because less exercise, reduced mobility and restricted functionality can lead to weaker muscles, reduced fitness and even problems with your balance or walking. A pre-op program can help you improve your overall fitness prior to surgery, positioning you for a complication free recovery period. Depending on your needs, we can reduce any swelling or pain prior to your surgery, or simply help increase your fitness levels to make your recovery period shorter.  Those patients that undertake a structure pre-op program have a quicker, easier and more successful recovery over those who don’t. It can be quite a marked difference.

What is post-op physiotherapy?

Following your surgery, it is highly recommend to complete a rehabilitation program to maximise your results and minimise any potential complications. Along with the advice of your surgeon, your physiotherapist develops a customised post-op program tailored to your specific needs. It may be a combination of hands-on therapy and exercises, as well as education and advice on how to assist your recovery post-surgery. 

When people complete both a pre-op and a post-op program they generally experience less pain and a reduced recovery time from their surgery.

For more information on how our pre-op and post-op programs can help you recover from your surgery, call us on 08 9307 2133, send us an email or Book Online today.