Pre and Post Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement is the type of major surgery that can take a significant period of time for a full recovery. That’s why it’s important that you do everything you can to be in the best shape possible before your operation and give yourself the best chance for a swift and uneventful recovery. 

Pre-op programs

Our pre-op physiotherapy program helps optimise your overall fitness prior to your operation. In conjunction with your surgeon, your physiotherapist develops a pre-op program that’s customised to suit your specific needs. This is usually a combination of hands-on therapies and exercises that are designed to reduce pain and inflammation in your joint and maximise functionality and strength prior to surgery.

Pre-op physiotherapy can improve muscle strength and mobility in your affected joint, reduce the risk of post-op complications, increase your rate of recovery and result in a faster discharge from hospital. The result is a shorter recovery period and a quicker return to your normal daily life.

Post-op recovery programs

Your post-op recovery program usually commences whilst you’re still in hospital and continues during your convalescence at home. Initially following surgery, your physiotherapist will be focused on reducing the pain and swelling in your replaced joint. 

Once the pain and swelling have subsided, your physiotherapist will start to include exercises and hands-on therapies in your program. These are designed to strengthen the muscles around the joint, normalise muscle length, improve functionality and movement and prevent injuring your joint in the future. Hip and knee replacements will also require a focus on proprioceptive awareness (sensing the normal movement of your body), as well as balance exercises and typical walking patterns.

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