Balance/Falls Prevention

Problems with your balance, frequent falls, dizziness and vertigo are not limited to the elderly and can affect anyone of any age. So, whilst we are usually concerned with helping older people regain their balance and prevent falls, younger people can have similar problems that require our help.

Without appropriate treatment, the risk of falls and subsequent injury as well as needing more and more help with daily tasks will be increased, reducing your quality of life.

What is balance?

It is the ability to control your body position while both stationary and moving in a range of different environments.

As we get older varying factors affect our balance such as:

  • Decreased strength in the lower limbs
  • Inner ear problems (meniere’s disease)
  • Vision problems
  • Other health conditions (diabetes, respiratory or cardiovascular problems)
  • Foot pain/ poor footwear
  • Certain medication

The good news is you can significantly improve your balance with the appropriate training!

How do you train balance?

To have good balance you need to have your brain planning movements while it is receiving information from your senses to then get the appropriate muscles to act at the correct time. As you age this process gets increasingly difficult with everyday tasks such as walking, climbing stairs, or even standing at the kitchen counter washing the dishes.

Via assessment, your physiotherapist will determine the task specific issues you are having and will compile exercises that challenge your equilibrium via changes in foot positioning, change of surface and external perturbations to challenge your centre of gravity while reducing your base of support in a safe and controlled environment.

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