Some conditions are notoriously difficult to treat or heal, particularly those that involve tendons. Shockwave therapy has the ability to have a positive affect on these tendons, resolving your pain and loss of function or mobility. It’s the preferred treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis and tendinopathy in the Achilles or patella.

Other conditions that can be treated with Shockwave therapy include:

  • Jumper’s knee.
  • Runner’s knee. 
  • Shoulder tendinopathy. 
  • Tennis elbow. 
  • Plantar fasciopathy.
  • Lateral hip pain.
  • Tendon calcifications.
  • Medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints).

How does Shockwave therapy work?

This innovative therapy uses high-pressure, acoustic waves to stimulate healing and pain relief. These shockwaves create microtrauma in the affected tissues, stimulating blood flow and accelerating healing. It was first used to treat plantar fasciitis and there have been many studies that have proven its effectiveness in healing this condition. 

Shockwave therapy is now used to treat patella and Achilles tendinopathy, as well as other problems with tendons in the shoulder, hip and elbow. This is a well-known and accepted treatment for tendinopathies with standard protocols for treatments.

What’s involved in your treatment?

Once we have accessed your condition and diagnosed a tendinopathy, we usually recommend six Shockwave sessions, one each week for six weeks in a row. We will also recommend additional hands-on therapies and specific exercises to strengthen the affected muscles around the tendon and improve functionality and mobility of the joint. 

What are the benefits of Shockwave therapy?

Shockwave therapy is relatively pain-free, doesn’t require any type of anaesthetic and you can return to your normal life immediately after each session. Depending on the tendon that’s being treated, you may even be able to continue exercising during your treatment. Many of our clients report that they feel positive effects from this therapy almost immediately, others within a few hours or days.

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