Onsite Gym

With our own onsite gym, the team at Belridge Physio provides not only Pilates classes but also circuit classes and strength and fitness training to our clients. The gym is also a well utilised space for those requiring 1 on 1 rehabilitation following a workers compensation claim or a motor vehicle accident.  The gym is also the perfect environment for those undergoing pre and post surgical rehabilitation.

Pilates (Clinical Exercise) Classes

Our Clinical Pilates, also known as Clinical Exercise Classes, are held in our modern and spacious onsite gym and are run by our highly experienced and professionally trained physiotherapists. These clinical exercises are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their stability and strength. We provide one-on-one classes for people who are new to Pilates, followed by our independent group classes when you are feeling more confident and experienced (no more than four people per group).

These small Clinical Exercise Classes can be claimed on most private health funds and are always full with a waiting list – so it pays to book early!

Circuit classes

For clients who want to improve their strength and conditioning using endurance and resistance-based exercises we recommend our circuit classes. Beginners start with light weights and simple movements, increasing both weights and the complexity of the movements as you gain more experience. These are fast and fun classes with constant variety and a maximum of six participants; stations are continuously customised to suit your specific needs.

Strength and fitness training

Our strength and fitness training is suitable for a wide variety of clients with programs customised to suit your specific needs. This type of training can be used to prevent injuries, as well as for rehabilitation. More specifically, we recommend our strength and fitness training for the following conditions:

  • Prevention of sporting or repetitive injuries.
  • Rehabilitation, both pre and post operatively.
  • Rehabilitation from work, sports or vehicular accidents.
  • General fitness for the over 50s.
  • Strength and weight gain for people with eating disorders.
  • Flexibility, strength and fitness for yoga.

For more information on our onsite gym, call us on 08 9307 2133, send us an email or Book Online today.