Hands On Physiotherapy

Belridge Physiotherapy specialises in hands on manual therapy for a large variety of injuries. That’s because these therapies efficiently reduce your pain to improve mobility in the early stages of healing, making it easier and more comfortable to progress into exercise rehabilitation, helping you to get back to your daily routine quickly .

After all, there’s little point in being given a set of exercises to heal your injuries and return to full strength, if you struggle to complete them due to pain and reduced mobility. That’s why our hands on manual treatments are so popular with our clients, because they can see and feel the difference immediately!

Manual Therapy

At Belridge Physiotherapy, we use manual therapy, to relax tense muscles and ease restricted joints, resulting in less pain and more flexibility.  Depending on your injury, we can use one or more of the following manual therapies: joint mobilisation, soft tissue mobilisation, assisted soft tissue mobilisation and joint manipulation where indicated.

Joint mobilisation: This involves small, repetitive movements of the injured joint within its normal range of movement.

Soft tissue mobilisation: These movements soften tight, fibrous muscles and scar tissue, as well as reduce restrictions and increase flexibility of the affected joints, muscles and ligaments.

Assisted soft tissue mobilisation: This technique focuses on removing the accumulation of fluid in the soft tissues and is used in conjunction with soft tissue mobilisation.

Joint Manipulation: This is when you physio will utilise a small thrust and you may get an audible “pop” from the joint associated with a feeling of released pressure and an immediate increase in range.

Customised treatment plans

Whilst our hands on treatments are extremely effective during the initial stages of healing, you’ll also need a set of strengthening exercises to accelerate your recovery. Your physiotherapist will develop a customised treatment plan that’s tailored to your specific needs allowing you to achieve your goals as quickly and painlessly as possible.

For more information on our hands on manual therapies or to make an appointment at Belridge Physiotherapy, call us on 08 9307 2133, send us an email or book an appointment.