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Foot biomechanics can effect the whole body, not just the feet. Over-pronation, or “falling arches” can lead to strain on the knees due to the effect this has on the alignment of the leg. The “rolling in” of the feet will cause the knees to turn inwards, and sometimes the legs will “bow” inwards. The end result is mal-tracking of the kneecap, which can lead to excessive wear and tear on the knee joint, and earlier onset of such pathologies as osteoarthritis.

This malignment can extend to the hip joints, the lower back and even higher in the spine. The provision of custom fitted orthotics will correct the biomechanics of the feet, and hence eliminate the associated problems further up the kinetic chain. For orthotics to provide the best possible support, it is important the feet are assessed correctly and the most appropriate, individual orthotic prescribed according to those assessment findings.

Too many times the feet are assessed in the standing position alone, which does not allow for what happens when the foot moves through the walking or running process. At different points during the various stages of walking/running there are many different forces acting on the feet. If these forces are not measured and accounted for in the prescription of the orthotic, the feet will not have that “dynamic stability” that is needed during walking and running. Simple observation of the walking pattern will provide some information, however this is very basic and subjective.


Move Well Physiotherapy has the revolutionary GaitScan technology which uses a pressure plate with an industry high 4096 sensors operating at 125 HZ scans per second. With this advanced technology, the foot pressures are able to be accurately and objectively assessed and graphed. A link to a computer program enables a 3 dimensional scan to be produced which accurately maps all areas of pressure throughout the weight bearing phase of gait. These scans and reports can be produced at no cost for you, and provide the vitally important information needed to correctly prescribe the most appropriate orthotic. Our orthotics are then produced by technicians who specialise in the fabrication of only the highest quality orthotics. The product is guaranteed for a lifetime against breakage.

There are a variety of specialised orthotics available, including:
▪ Dress orthotics for formal shoes with heels or dance shoes
▪ Casual orthotics for a variety of shoes
▪ Sport orthotics for high impact sports or work situations
▪ Specific diabetic care orthotics, designed to relieve high pressure areas
▪ Specific child orthotics

There are also a variety of options in terms of rigidity/flexibility, covers, cushioning, additions for specific conditions such as spurs, neuromas, leg length differences and many other specific needs. The orthotics can also be sold with specific footware such as sandals, workboots, golf shoes and running shoes, including brands such as Brooks, Florsheim and Hi-Tec, at prices well below what you would pay for the two products individually.
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